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Ever since joining YouthBank International team, I`ve been soooo excited! Working with an amazing team that is doing all these amazing things! Real changes, you know?

I loved the model! I loved the impact it made! Empowering young people to make decisions, to take action! Empowering young people not to close their eyes but to have them open to see what`s wrong in their communities, what`s wrong in their neighbourhoods, and equip them with the tools and methodologies to care. To understand THEY CAN change the world!

It didn`t take me too long to ask – How is it possible that not everyone knows about this? How is it possible that something so revolutionary is not getting the attention it deserves?

And then it hit me. Like a bullet!

We have been too modest!

We didn`t brag about what we`re doing.

We didn`t show off!

And why?

I want you to think of a red dress.

Beautiful red dress. Perfect just for you! Yes, you could wear it at your house, maybe even in your garden. And yes, you`d risk a neighbour, or two even, seeing you wearing it, but, wouldn`t you want the whole world to see you wearing it?

Well, this is what we`ve been doing. Wearing our perfect little red dress in our own little garden.

Why am I talking about red dress?

Because now, we are courageously stepping out of our own little garden and we are ready to walk across the biggest avenue wearing that red dress! And yes, we are coming at your town!

So next time, you see someone wearing the red dress along the avenue with their head held high, it just might be us!

We`re coming world!

Sorry for waiting for us for so long!!

Katja Palaic

Photo credit: Andrey Zvyagintsev, Unsplash


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