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Start a YouthBank!

In all countries of the world, young people are recognized as a group that must be encouraged to actively participate in society and improve their knowledge and skills for the future.

The leadership, participation, and well-being of young people are key to accelerating economic development, reducing poverty, and building sustainable societies. Yet, young people have limited access to opportunities to participate in their communities.

Everybody talks the talk but very few Walk the Walk!

Walk the Walk with our GO! Package

Enable young people in your local community to create and manage a Youth Fund - YouthBank, and tackle economic and social challenges that matter to them.

GO! Package equips organizations with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to effectively launch and sustain a YouthBank, ultimately creating a powerful platform for youth engagement and community development.

Redefine perceptions, and let young people actively contribute to lasting, positive change

Start your YouthBank journey

Launch the Model in your local community with the YouthBank GO! Package starting from just 2300 EUR. The offer includes YouthBank Model Basics Online Training and a YouthBank License Subscription.

You as a single organization take the lead, setting up 1 or 2 YouthBanks in your local community and become the driving force behind youth empowerment, community development, and positive change.

Why GO! Package?

The Model seamlessly integrates into school timelines as an extracurricular activity or aligns with the schedules of various groups and organizations delivering it.

Starting with an existing group, such as a youth board, forum, or council, that already has youth-led participatory structures in place works really well too.


This flexibility promotes widespread accessibility. For tailored guidance on timelines based on your participants' life stages, we provide advice to suit your needs.

Impact with YouthBanks

YouthBank model initiates positive change by empowering young people, fostering personal growth, skills and self-esteem, leading to transformative effects within the community and enhancing its resilience.


Ursu Alex (18), Moldova

YouthBank impressed me with the effect of its challenge.  I started the development of a potential project by following all the steps that were given to us. I started to compile everything by myself: the need for the project, the rationale, the goal and objectives, the problem tree, etc. In the end, I was amazed -  how could I have composed such a thing? 

Now I wonder, how many skills and talents are hidden inside me, just waiting for an impulse to surface? And how many are hidden inside you?

Partners and Sponsors

We work with partners and sponsors who want to support the development of YouthBanks in their local community. 

Equip young people with future skills and resilience, foster ESG-aligned initiatives and drive responsible, sustainable change.

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