Step It Up Course

Course Title: Step It Up

Duration: 3 days

Certificate: Of Attendance


Social enterprise-based activities are a growing phenomenon around the world and heralded as a cutting edge policy and practice innovation to address skill and knowledge gaps in the labour market. If we invited you to flip this idea and transfer it into your own YouthBank context and invited young people to design solutions to build and sustain their own fund, what could arise?


We already know that raising money can be an absolute chore and be quickly regarded as pointless and too much effort, especially if it is not clear why the cause or issue young people want to do something about is not determined by themselves.


YBI offers you the opportunity to spend 3 days taking a deeper look at an approach to support young people set up their own social enterprise activities as a way to sustain their own youth fund.  The course will be led by Helena Habdija who will be able to share her own experience, illustrating concepts and techniques with practical application to the YouthBank world of young people as decision makers and resource holders.


A programme designed to help you rethink the way to build and sustain a youth led fund.

An immersive experience that will teach, challenge and engage in ways that produce real development in your capacity and capability as a YouthBank practitioner.

Course Outline

1. Essentials of entrepreneurship/ social entrepreneurship and terminology

2. Building effective teams utilising the group talents and hobbies

3. Primary and Secondary research

4. Sustainability (of the YouthBank fund)

5. Exploring business models

6. Turning YOUR idea into opportunity

7. Voice training

8. Presenting your idea   

9. Marketing  

10. The Implementation of entrepreneurial toolkit in YouthBank model


The concepts, tools and frameworks covered in the 3 day programme will enable you to:

  • transform the way you work with young people to create and run their own fund

  • use techniques and tools to increase depth and breadth of learning yielding positive impact on YouthBank practices.

  • lead collaboratively

  • expand your network and join a 'community of practice' group to share experience and learning.

  • plus plus other benefits

Course Introduction

This course is a series of exercises to develop your basic entrepreneurial skills and help you introduce “sustainable grant-making” to young grant-makers.

All YouthBanks fundraise in some form to generate cash for their grant pot.  This often takes the shape of once-off fundraising events, a donation or perhaps local sponsorship. Whatever the way it is usually short-term and can see a YouthBank through to the end of 1 or 2 grant-making cycles at best.


But what if there was a way to create a grant pot that could be continuously topped up? What if there was a way to generate funds that keeps your YouthBank sustained AND gives your young people additional skills for life?  


Well .. there is a way.  Its called entrepreneurship.  Your YouthBank group CAN turn their entrepreneurial ideas into fund generating opportunities with a little support.


This course contains simple, tried and tested exercises to help harness the business methods of entrepreneurship in order to address the sustainability of your grant fund/pot.


The layout and design fit with the style and approach of the main YouthBank toolkit that you are already familiar with.  Without you knowing it, you and your group already have covered many areas that are helpful in creating an enterprise, for example research, promotion and publicity etc.    Once you get started you will see where it already knits together within the YouthBank cycle (16 stages).


This Entrepreneurial training course is built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience gained through years of work with different YouthBank’s across the world.

Who is this course for?

This programme is designed for national coordinators, local YouthBank coordinators and those  outside of the YouthBank network who would like to develop a climate of entrepreneurship in their youth serving organisations.



Full comprehensive course materials (PDF Files)

Highly skilled and knowledgeable tutors


If you are sitting down to read this congrats ! It means that you are at a stage of development in your YouthBank site where the young people you support are ready to take a step up, take more responsibility and also invest in a new set of skills!

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Need some inspiration… check out YouthBank Banbridge's video on their approach to sustainable grant-making.

Sustainability is a way to make long term impact, manage financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.

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