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YouthBank International is committed to ensure that all young people wherever they live have the opportunity to benefit from a YouthBank and its activities. 

Strategically, YouthBank International seeks to work with one lead organization in each country that has the capacity to coordinate a network of local YouthBanks.


Current host organizations that coordinate a network of country-wide YouthBanks include Community Foundation umbrella organization, Private Foundations and youth serving NGOs.

In countries where there are no existing YouthBanks, we will provide support to help relevant applicants to be in a position to coordinate a network at a county/province/country-wide level.


What's in it for decision-makers?

  1. Interpersonal skills - working as a team, problem solving, decision making, communication, listening, emotional literacy

  2. Tangible skills - interviewing and research, publicity and promotion, IT, writing assessments, organising events, public speaking, financial literacy, preparing guidelines and criteria, applying business skills and thinking

What's in it for young people awarded funding?

  1. Planning and pitching their project idea

  2. Learning more about the issues that really matter to them

  3. Translating their idea into action

  4. Budgeting and the value of money

  5. Confidence to succeed

  6. Making a difference to their community

What’s in it for the organisation supporting a local YouthBank?

  1. Young people raise the organisation’s profile

  2. Opportunities to meaningfully involve young people in the governance of the organisation

  3. Prioritises the voice and real decision making power of young people

  4. Coaching and facilitation opportunities for other adults to reflect empowering approaches

  5. A legacy of practical action, projects and altered attitudes

  6. Alternative perspectives and agendas to consider in wider planning

What’s in it for the country wide network lead organisation?

  1. Overview of YouthBank network activity to promote and disseminate

  2. Rich source of data and stories about young people and decision making

  3. An increased profile and contact point for others wanting to develop a YouthBank

  4. Leadership and development role to advocate for resources and support

  5. Policy development and stimulating thinking/further innovation

  6. Convening and animating the YouthBank process to other audiences

Is your organisation ready to set up a YouthBank?

To express your interest in starting a YouthBank please click the link below to download our form

YouthBank International

YouthBank International

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Charity number: NIC101341

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