Secrets to Success

Course Title: Secrets to Success

Duration: 4 days

Certificate: Of Attendance

Attention YouthBank Coordinators working at a national or local level:

If someone was to walk into your own YouthBank workshop what would they notice? Maybe the YouthBank members are working in small groups, or each group is working on a different problem. It is probably quite noisy since everyone is talking to each other or engaged in a task. Maybe the observer notices some group members writing notes, some will be using their smartphones to research a topic, or watching a video on the screen of some new technological device. It might just be a busy, collaborative and social space. Equally, everything could be quite flat and you are going through the motions of getting by. Do you need to update the design and facilitation of your YouthBank workshops?


Designing and Running YouthBank Workshops

Are you looking for ways to re-invigorate your passion, ignite your enthusiasm and then share that passion and enthusiasm to support young people run their own YouthBank? It’s a challenging prospect to organise young people at the grassroots level with a message of ceding decision-making authority and responsibility with a bold strapline of Real Lives, Real Money, Real Change.


Imagine gaining a high level of success for yourself that is based on designing enjoyable learning experiences that mobilise and activate young people in new and exciting ways as part of their involvement in YouthBank? Expanding opportunities for young people in this way requires you to think, plan and operate in an intentional, deliberate way - how will you work with young people to run their own YouthBank?


To help you hit that sweet spot and breathe fresh life into your YouthBank practice we have designed a 4 day learning programme packed with techniques and methods that will improve your design, presentation and facilitation skills.

The learning programme will offer you:

  • a young people centred workshop design process

  • high impact engagement techniques and tools

  • 15 ways to keep your facilitation fresh and invigorating

  • templates to prompt thinking, assist planning and are fun to use.

  • opportunities to rehearse, practice and reflect on improvements to your YouthBank practice to bring real benefits to YouthBank members and the projects they fund.


During the interactive sessions you will also explore:

  • what is research telling us about active learning?

  • how can networking practices build stronger YouthBank alliances across borders?

  • what have been the outcomes and differences made as a result of YouthBank’s grant-making, entrepreneurship and youth development work in 2017?

  • how does online data collection and sharing help you tell your YouthBank story in a better way?

Expect to take away

Practical, actionable ideas and insights that you can start straight away to support your YouthBank network and ensure that those taking part in your own workshops leave feeling that their time has been well spent and that they can apply their new skills and knowledge to great effect. You will also begin to formulate a fresher, deeper narrative about your YouthBank work and your distinctive part in creating possibilities for change in young people’s lives.



  • create YouthBank member training and learning experiences that ensures 70% of the workshop experience involves actual practice of the skill

  • create new interactive designs and makeovers for your next YouthBank workshops

  • create dynamic openings and effective closures for your next Youthbank workshop

  • learn more about why YouthBank matters and how research, networking and telling your YouthBank story in a compelling way will add greater value to your own practice.


What do you get for your investment of 900 euro?

  • 4 action filled days with new ideas and materials

  • a pre- workshop questionnaire

  • reading materials

  • additional handouts

  • all meals and refreshments

  • accommodation for 5 nights.

Course Summary

Learning Course Duration: 4.0 Day

Certificate: Certificate of attendance

Time: 23rd -26th July 2018 (Arrival on the 22th, depart on the 27th)

Venue: Impact Hub Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Price: 600 EURO (Training, accommodation + food and materials in Pdf included in price)

YouthBank International

YouthBank International

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United Kingdom 


Charity number: NIC101341

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