Chinho – Member of the Committee of YouthBank Chimoio

Juvenal Raposo, mostly known as Chinho, is 30 years old, married with children. He left school early on to sustain his family. The arts, particularly music, have always been central to his life. Unlike many musicians of his generation, Chinho always used music to convey his feelings and therefore, he has been writing and singing his own songs for many years.

Chinho explains, When YouthBank Chimoio (YBC) first announced that it needed young volunteers to become members of the YBC Committee and work with MICAIA to manage YBC grant funds for Chimoio youth, I was really excited. I think I was the first to volunteer! We had an amazing training led by Vernon [YouthBank International’s Director], and then we got started trying to promote YouthBank Chimoio.

Chinho became one of the most active and motivated committee members, going out of his way to help find more effective ways to engage young people, and sharing his music with colleagues during work and training sessions. Chinho continues to look for spaces to engage with young and old alike in Chimoio, singing about YBC and its critical role, bringing in contemporary issues that affect Chimoio – local culture and history, the environment as well as development issues, all find their way into Chinho’s music.

The last word is Chinho’s. My ambition? Ensuring that Chimoio becomes known once again as a beautiful, friendly and prosperous city, with young people at its heart.

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