Patrons of YouthBank Programme (PYP)

There are five levels of Patron sponsorship, each will be acknowledged through:


  • Website logo and Link Back

  • Tweets and social media materials promoting your company

  • Logo displayed at all workshop venue sites

  • Company name included in promotional material

  • Invitations to events

Learning & Sharing Package

£10,000 per year for the next three years will support the creation and sharing of data amongst YouthBank country networks. At present there are inadequate or incomplete data sets within the YouthBank system with time constraints on producing good quality analysis and synthesis of the existing data gathered.This has led to an underwhelming appreciation of the story of young people giving of their time and efforts to grapple with  decision-making and resource allocation power. There is a compelling story to capture. While opportunities are continuing to expand within the respective YouthBank networks, impact cannot grow without greater access to resources and broader awareness of where and how YouthBank members provide fresh accounts of their experience of being given the power to decide. Bringing young grant-makers together increases the value of participation, volunteering and activism at a local level so they can act, develop and express themselves as global leaders – supporting more confident, cohesive, resilient and sustainable communities with the ability to effect change.  

The Sustainability Package

£15,000 per year for three years, this package provides new and existing country YouthBank networks who are yet to become self-sufficient, the ability to establish recurrent funds.  Your contribution will provide a number of two-day programmes across the various YouthBank Hubs to harness business methods to help young grant-makers build their own sustainable fund.

Combining the best of non formal education, collaboration, mentoring and practice examples, participants will learn about the associated challenges of maintaining their YouthBank fund through topics such as:


Social entrepreneurship

Business models and Sustainability

Turning Idea into opportunity

Effective Pitching


The Accelerator Package

£20,000 every year for three years is all it takes to kick-start a new YouthBank country network with 4-6 YouthBank Local Sites. The emphasis on any new YouthBank country network will be on creating YouthBank Sites run by young people, to support youth-led grass root projects that address community issues enabling youth development, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and empowerment opportunities. These grant-making mechanisms will be defined by cultural diversity, history, tradition and politics of their home nation. This fund is made available once the Partner Organisation has been approved by YouthBank International. We aim to launch 15 accelerator packages in the

next three years.

The Innovation Fund Package

£25,000 will provide a flexible pool of money to support innovative, collaborative projects unique to each YouthBank Network. Based on an analysis of the current state of all the operating country networks, a consensus approach will be taken to determine the focus and guidelines to identify priority needs.  For example, one year the fund might be used exclusively to help YouthBank sites experiment with adopting social media or digital marketing; the fund could support collaborative projects focusing on young people as citizen journalists/researchers between two country networks.

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