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Hackathon 2023

Challenge for you to solve

Creating sustainable youth funds in local communities

21-23 April 2023

Hackathon is a problem solving event.

Individuals and teams get together with a common purpose - to solve a problem they feel passionate about.

It's all about combining practical and creative innovation that supports the idea of learning while doing.

Who is this hackathon for?

For young people aged 16 - 25 within the YouthBank International Network.*

1 team = up to 5 young people

1 organisation = 2 teams max.

10 teams per hackathon max.

Our hackathons are a 2.5 day, intensive, interactive and highly participatory events during which participants go through the process that consists of short knowledge inputs (entrepreneurship workshops), team mentoring sessions and self-paced team work. 

*Subsribers can take place in hackathon for FREE

If your organisation wants to be involved with the hackathon and is not part of the YouthBank International Network, your team will be charged  fee of 60 €

Purpose of our hackathons

  • To gather the young people from different cultural backgrounds and contexts and have them work on the same challenge

  • To share the elements of entrepreneurship among young people

  • To expand their understanding of solutions and simplicity in creativity

  • To expand overall understanding of financial literacy

  • To build young people with experience that will result in self worth 

  • To challenge young people with the power of decision making that`s placed in their hands


Please note: time on the schedule is CET time zone 

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WIN a prize!

1st Place Prize

2.500 € 

2nd Place Prize

1.500 € 

3rd Place Prize

1.000 € 

All the prizes are to be shared among the team members.

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