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YouthBank International (YBI) has achieved notable success in the past 4 years, scaling the YouthBank proposition to over 160 sites, supported by 26 networks in 25 countries on 4 continents and funding over 4500 small scale projects.

Our vision is to support youth-led activity in every member country of the United Nations; facilitate the exchange of information and sharing of best practice within the network; celebrate globally the successes of the model with policy makers and philanthropists; sustain itself as an effective organiser and champion of its network model.  



What is special and distinctive about YouthBank is that it:

● Involves young people in projects that they design and run for themselves. We believe it is the most potent way of engaging young people in their community.

● Involves young people in grant-making because we know from experience that this makes them more aware of the needs and aspirations of their local community and HOW to make a difference.

● Encourages involvement in voluntary action where the issues are more closely matched to young people's own concerns. Creating a dynamic where trustful, inclusive, empowering, respectful relationships can thrive and positive change is created, encouraging the involvement of young people who are currently disengaged or disempowered by their respective systems can be inspiring so they give back to others and their communities.

● Devolves responsibility and accountability by placing decision making about small scale resource allocation into the hands of young people who act philanthropically, bridge divisions, take leadership roles, stimulate entrepreneurial spirit and opportunities. The YouthBank model provides clear evidence of the positive impact that young people can have on communities.

● Funding available to each YouthBank helps money reach parts of the community that are frequently not  beneficiaries of other funding sources.

● Acts like a political education classroom where the opportunity to take a ‘deeper dive’ into what really matters in their community, the impact of past events and the nature, causes and consequences of being fair and inclusive are honoured and respected.

YouthBank International

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