Start Your Own Youthbank

Start your own YouthBank

YouthBank International (YBI) is committed to ensure that in the longer term all young people wherever they live have the opportunity to benefit from a YouthBank and its activities. 

There exists an increasing stream of membership enquiries from new organizations who wish to establish official YouthBanks, which is great news and testament to the success of the YouthBank model.

It would be against the principles and values of YBI to put too many constraints on the type of organization that could host a YouthBank network within a country. Current host organizations that coordinate country-wide YouthBanks include Community Foundation umbrella organization, Private Foundations and youth serving NGOs. This is not an exhaustive list as new alliances may spring up in response to local circumstances. However, a common feature is that a YouthBank host organization operating across a country can draw upon grant-making and youth development expertise. The Board of Directors of YBI must take reasonable steps to protect the credibility and integrity of the name, logo, principles and values of YBI and to maximize the potential of its mission.

Strategically, YBI wants to work with one lead organization in each country that has the capability and capacity to coordinate a network of local grant-making YouthBanks, run by young people for young people. - a local YouthBank is easily accessible to young people to make modest project funds available to support their ideas for action and change in their own community.

We have developed a strategy for 2015-2016 based on providing efficient services to our current membership to allow them to grow sustainable YouthBanks, whilst welcoming new applications in a more systematic manner, so that new YouthBanks receive the best available support to be successful.

In countries where there are no existing YouthBanks, we will provide support to help relevant applicants to be in a position to coordinate a network at a county/province/country-wide level.

We realize that in some regions of the world resourcing does not exist to provide the support to set up a network and that there will be a different starting point in the journey to practice in the YouthBank way and full membership of YBI. 

If you are planning to start your own YouthBank then why  not check if there is a YouthBank in your country/region (click here) and ask for more information or to witness the work that is done in the local context yourself. Make sure that you understand your responsibilities, ask questions and establish if this type of work fits the purpose of your organization.

Decisions about acceptance and any conditions will be made by the YouthBank International Board.