YouthBank International goes to America - Reflections

Dženan Saric (Mozaik Foundation) and Emir Bašić (Tuzla Community Foundation) reflect on their trip to America in June as part of the YouthBank International delegation.

Traveling to USA with delegates of YouthBank International from different countries was a fantastic experience for the Bosnian YouthBank team. Dženan Šarić from Mozaik Foundation and Emir Bašić from Tuzla Community Foundation were representatives of the organizations which are running YouthBank programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was an opportunity to present what young people are doing in Bosnia in the fields of youth activism, philanthropy and grant making.

On the other hand, this trip as part of an international delegation was also a chance to remind ourselves that all YouthBanks share the same values, principles and visions about youth empowerment and involving young people in community life.

This was also a great opportunity to present the YouthBank model to a wide American audience and make the case for the model to be developed in the USA as a program that will make young people active and aware of issues in their community and potential opportunities to enhance their neighbourhoods.

Looking to the future, it seems very important that YouthBanks from all over the world focus on their role to continuously motivate young people to express their opinions and to empower them to make positive changes in their lives and in the life of their community. The YouthBank model fits this purpose perfectly.

Image caption: A breakfast meeting organised by Youthprise and hosted by Minnesota philanthropy partners at the US Bank Center, St Paul, Minnesota. Dženan Saric, Mozaik Foundation and Emir Bašić, Tuzla Community Foundation, Bosnia Hercegovina, share their YouthBank story with members of the local Youth funder forum. Thursday 19 June 2014.

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